Business Management – Beware of Management Gurus Who’ve Never Run a Company

On the Internet there are endless gurus of management, and if you read their bios or resumes you can tell that they are all fluff-and-folds. Great leaders and business managers are those who’ve done something, not merely those who’ve decided to write about it or do a little consulting on the topic.The truth of the matter is that if you took 100-websites of business management consultants online you’d most only about 20% of them have ever done anything in real life or had any real success in the business world. Why is this you ask?It is simple really, you see, if you are really good at business management then you’d be the CEO of a company and you would be far too busy running things to than trying to convince people to give you money on the Internet for your worldly business knowledge or consulting business. Or you’d be retired living on a golf course somewhere and really not interested in consulting or becoming a business management coach in 2009.It is for these reasons that we can assume it is perhaps a tricky task to find a qualified business management consultant with impeccable credentials and real world experience online. Now that is not to say that there are not such people out in the world, or that everyone selling their consulting services online is a fraud, rather it just goes to show you that you cannot believe everything you see on the Internet when it comes to business talent. Please consider this as you search for the right business consultant or coach for your company’s needs.